Bad Site

Hi! I had a weird scenario yesterday…I had my site in for a day already and it was totally fine but then out of the blue I woke up at 210 and COULD NOT get down for the life of me. After 4 hours of over 10 units of insulin, I was still at 300. I did a new site and everything was fine after that! I just found it super weird that the site wasn’t bad from the beginning, rather it took 36 hours to stop working. Does anyone have any explanations/experienced this before?



Hi all! Came across this quote recently and it really resonated with me. People just do not understand what a mental and emotional toll type 1 takes because they can’t see it!! If you do not already, you should definitely go follow The Diabetic Journey on Facebook because they have some awesome quotes (including this one). I hope everyone is well!

New Low Symptoms

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was in a restaurant when all of the sudden a wave of nausea hit me. I had no idea what it was from but it got progressively worse as time went on. When I checked my blood sugar I was 90 so I didn’t think it was because of that. However, 10 minutes later I was 50. I felt so sick that I actually had to leave the restaurant and walk outside for a few minutes. I knew I needed to have something to eat or drink to correct my low, but I felt like anything I ate or drank would make me puke. I sipped on a coke and then went back inside. 20 minutes after drinking the coke, my blood sugar was 85 and I felt fine again! I was shocked that going low could make me feel as sick as it did because in the 11 years that I have had type 1, I have never had nausea be one of my low symptoms. Unfortunately I think this is definitely one of my new symptoms being that the exact same thing happened when I was in Nantucket just a few weeks ago.


Hi all! I just got home from vacation in Nantucket. I was there for two weeks and it is remarkable how much worse my blood sugars are when I am not in my usual routine! I had one super scary low and another day I reached an all time high since my diagnosis…429!! I changed my site 3 different times while we were there thinking there was sand in it, but turns out there wasn’t. Although I miss Nantucket, I am happy to be home now and back to my routine, so hopefully my blood sugars will go back to normal.

Exercise: Cardio

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…I was busy with the end of school. Anyway, I am super excited because I have finally found a routine in order for me to exercise on the treadmill without going low! I tried running with many different combinations of insulin/carbs but couldn’t seem to find anything that worked. Now I have been walking at 3.7 miles per hour at a grade 8-10 incline while drinking a 22 gram gatorade for 45 minutes and that seems to do the trick. It is so rewarding to finally find some sort of combination that works! Although it isn’t running (which I really wish I could do) I am content knowing I am getting a solid cardio workout in without going dangerously low 🙂


Blog Post

I wish other people understood what people with type 1 go through! It is one thing to be friends with or know someone with T1D, but no one has the capacity to fully understand what it’s like unless they live it every moment of every day.

Effects of Frustration

Hi everyone! Yesterday at school, we had something called “Wellness Day.” During one of the presentations, I was getting extremely frustrated. My blood sugar immediately skyrocketed and shortly after, I was 350. Then I had to go to the nurse because I had such a bad migraine. I could feel my heart beating in my head! Has anyone ever experienced this before? I think it’s so interesting that my body reacted so quickly to being angry and frustrated.