New Low Symptoms

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was in a restaurant when all of the sudden a wave of nausea hit me. I had no idea what it was from but it got progressively worse as time went on. When I checked my blood sugar I was 90 so I didn’t think it was because of that. However, 10 minutes later I was 50. I felt so sick that I actually had to leave the restaurant and walk outside for a few minutes. I knew I needed to have something to eat or drink to correct my low, but I felt like anything I ate or drank would make me puke. I sipped on a coke and then went back inside. 20 minutes after drinking the coke, my blood sugar was 85 and I felt fine again! I was shocked that going low could make me feel as sick as it did because in the 11 years that I have had type 1, I have never had nausea be one of my low symptoms. Unfortunately I think this is definitely one of my new symptoms being that the exact same thing happened when I was in Nantucket just a few weeks ago.

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