Effects of Frustration

Hi everyone! Yesterday at school, we had something called “Wellness Day.” During one of the presentations, I was getting extremely frustrated. My blood sugar immediately skyrocketed and shortly after, I was 350. Then I had to go to the nurse because I had such a bad migraine. I could feel my heart beating in my head! Has anyone ever experienced this before? I think it’s so interesting that my body reacted so quickly to being angry and frustrated.

One thought on “Effects of Frustration

  1. That is very interesting, I’ve never really thought about it! I have noticed that when my blood sugar is high I tend to get frustrated more easily, but never thought about vice versa. I do know that emotions have a large effect on my bg levels though, as it always runs very high when I’m stressed, and more normal when I’m calm thanks to adrenaline and all that fun stuff😛

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