Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I posted but I figured I’d share with you my frustrations these past weeks. I horse-back ride six days per week and it’s always hard to manage my blood sugars but these past few weeks have been especially tricky. I do a temporary basal rate reducing the amount of insulin I get about three hours prior to riding. Usually I am still hovering the 120 line before I get on, so I have something to eat or drink before hand. This used to work, however recently when I finish my ride, my blood sugar shoots up to 260! And then from there it takes me a few hours to come down which is super frustrating because I can’t eat everything I would like to at dinner. For example I would’ve loved to eat pasta for dinner tonight at the restaurant we were at, but I ordered chicken instead so that the pasta wouldn’t make me go even higher than I already was. It’s going to take a lot of trial and error but we will eventually find the right combination of insulin and carbs (hopefully)! I think I’m going to try eating something different before I get on each horse too because for the days that I ride 4 or 5 horses, a juice box is not enough to hold me over.

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