Holiday Trouble

Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I celebrate Christmas and it was so nice to see all of my extended family that I don’t see often. Although it was all great, of course the whole T1D portion was um, hell. I think it is extra tricky because I am eating different food. Normally, I eat pretty much the same thing everyday. Not because I HAVE to (like the overwhelming majority of people think) but merely because I love those particular foods that I eat on a daily basis. However, during the holidays I was eating a lot sweets obviously for dessert almost every night as opposed to my normal schedule where I rarely eat dessert. Quick side note – if I haven’t emphasized this enough already, I CAN EAT SWEETS!!!!!! It’s just that I try not to eat dessert every night solely because I am trying to eat healthy. Sorry, just had to add that. It bothers me how little people know and how they don’t even want to be educated on a rapidly spreading disease. Ok back to the story. So what I experienced the most was lack of insulin absorption. For example, my guess for the cupcake, say, was not 100% accurate. This made me go high. Then, when I gave myself more insulin as a correction, I would end up needing to bolus double the amount than normal since my body was so insulin resistant. This happens more when you are high for a long period of time. Generally, the longer your blood sugar is high, the more insulin you will have to give in order to lower it. The part that stunk the most, I think, it that being high for so long made me feel crappy but I had to try and rally for everyone else’s sake. I don’t see my cousins often so I tried to make the best of it while I could see them. Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is now I know for next year that I need to consider bolusing more and keeping a closer eye than usual on my blood sugars during the holidays. Hopefully then, I will feel better and my parents will sleep more during the night!!!

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