Max Gomez

So if you guys have read one of my first posts about the Stem for Life Conference, you know that two years ago I was asked to speak in Vatican City, Italy. There, I met many incredible people and I was able to help raise awareness about type 1 with the top researchers and doctors from all over the world. This conference occurs every two years. This year it is going to be in April. I was asked to go back to Italy to speak again this year but unfortunately I had to say no because I have too much going on with school and that kind of stuff.
Anyway, the head of the conference called my dad on Monday and asked if she could (in a sense) bring the conference to us. He said of course and next thing I knew, Max Gomez, the medical correspondent on CBS, was coming to my house the following Friday.
Max and his camera man came and interviewed my family and I for 3 hours. They recorded the whole thing so they can pick and choose portions to show at the Vatican Conference.
Although I was nervous, I am so glad I did it because it really was a lot of fun! I have included some pictures. I am still waiting on the videos and Max said he would like to use it on CBS too!

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