Jingle Ball 2017

Hi everyone! I know this is off topic but I went to Jingle Ball on Friday night and it was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! All of the artists were amazing and I had the time of my life!!! Although of course when we were driving into New York City, my CGM stop working. That figures! Why is it that any time I go somewhere important a piece of my technology fails? So frustrating. But not the end of the world, I just had to constantly be pricking my finger to test instead of looking at my CGM on my phone.

Well if you wanted to know who performed at Jingle Ball, the lineup was as follows: Ed Sheeran, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels, Why Don’t We, The Chainsmokers, Sam Smith, Halsey, G-Easy, Fall Out Boy, Cheat Codes, Logic, and Charlie Puth. Usually I go to bed around 9ish so I was doubting that I was going to be able to stay awake. However the large latte I drank before we left definitely helped because I was wide awake until it ended at 12:30! I think I sat in my seat for 3 minutes the whole night because I was too busy screaming, singing, dancing, and just having a good time.

Then I went to see the movie “Wonder” yesterday and it was honestly the best movie I’ve ever seen. Everyone in the world needs to go see it. I can’t think of a minute where I wasn’t crying; it was so inspiring!!

Anyway, I know this post was kind of an unrelated and off topic post but I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Only 2 weeks until my holiday break 🙂

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