Thanksgiving Nightmare

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with overeating and if you have type 1, a lot of insulin too! My Thanksgiving was great…if we are not including the diabetes aspect of it. That part was well, a nightmare to say the least.

So on Thursday morning, my family and I all went up to Lake George because my cousins have a house there. Me, my 11 first cousins, and all of my aunts and uncles piled into my cousins’ house for the weekend. My blood sugar had been hovering 200 for most of the day, so I tried to pre-bolus for dinner to avoid going even higher than I already was. My CGM hadn’t been working for reasons unbeknownst to me, so I was back to the old fashioned prick-your-finger-fifteen-time-a-day sort of thing. Not my favorite but hey, whatever there was nothing else I could do! So we ate dinner at about 5. I tested next before dessert at about 6:30. I was 380!!! The last time I was 380 was probably over a year ago; and I did not miss it. I did a correction of 5 units and hoped that would help bring me down. Well, it didn’t. 2 hours after that I was 420. I felt absolutely horrible but I had to rally to  go Black Friday shopping with my cousins. We left at 10 and I was 350. While we were shopping, I finally came down to 180. That was the first time I’d seen the 100s in a day!

I was so relieved that I was 180. I was starting to get nervous because when you are that high for that long you can go into DKA which can put you in the hospital and you can even die. So we got home from Black Friday shopping at 1:30 and then I went to bed. The next morning I was 130. I was so happy! Then we had breakfast. Two hours after that, I was 340. Ugh!!! I was so frustrated because I thought everything was all good again. We then went to our family football game so I figured running around in the game would definitely bring me down along with the 8 units of insulin I had given myself as a correction. Well that didn’t work either! During the game I was 230 and after it 325. I just didn’t understand. So after the game was over, I did a 6 unit shot to correct and then I did a new site because I figured mine must have failed. Sure enough it did and I was better 3 hours later.

What a night mare! But it was great to see all of my family. I hope you had a better Thanksgiving (diabetes wise) than mine!

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