Why Can’t People Just Understand Already?

Hi all! I have been thinking for a while and I’ve been really frustrated with how many people have the wrong idea about type 1. I can’t tell you how many different people I’ve talked to and had them say, “Oh yeah I know about diabetes because my grandma had it. But it didn’t affect her, she just took her insulin and was fine.” I get so annoyed by this because that may be true for type 2 but it’s not even remotely close to the daily reality for people living with type 1. I found this quote from The Diabetic Journey on Facebook the other day and really loved it. I feel like it explains the severity of T1D super well. Anyway, it just has me wondering what I can do to spread the word that type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are 2 SUPER different diseases!!! If anyone has ideas feel free to share – I’m open to any and all suggestions 🙂T1D


Hi everyone! Just thought I’d update you all on how things have been going recently. My blood sugars have actually been super stable. I have been making basal and IC ratio adjustments on my own without the help of my parents and it is very rewarding to see that I am making the right dosage changes. Based on my Dexcom Clarity app, my A1C for the past 90 days is 6.0! That is the lowest it has been in over 7 years. Overall I am really happy with how everything is going right now but we all know how inconsistent type 1 is! We shall see what happens next!

Riding: Competition vs. Training

On Saturday, I had a horse show at a farm 10 minutes away from my barn. I arrived at 6:15AM to ride my horse, Gideon, in the ring where we would be showing a little later in the day. I jumped all of the jumps in the morning so there would be no surprises for him once we went in to jump them while being judged. He was a little strong (or fresh as we call it), so I rode him for about 35 minutes to try and tire him out. If I was at my home barn riding the way I was at the show, my blood sugars would plummet and I would most likely have to either drink a juice before I got on, or get off of Gideon and wait until my blood sugars came back up. However, because I was at a show and my adrenaline was getting going, I had 0 carbs prior to riding and I was 200 when I got off with my blood sugar originally starting at 110. That’s a huge jump due to merely adrenaline and nerves!

Gideon and I showed a few hours later. Everything went as planned and we did very well! After showing, my blood sugar was still on the higher side. Once I was done for the day, my trainer asked if I would go back to my home barn and exercise another horse for her since she had to stay at the horse show with some other people from our barn. I said of course and got to my barn 10 minutes later. This was very interesting though because earlier that day when I had been showing, I needed 0 carbs nor any basal reductions in order to not go low. However, when I was done showing and was riding at my home barn, I rode for a fraction of the time and still went low. After starting at 140, I was 50 when I got off. This was fascinating because it highlighted the effect stress and adrenaline can have on my blood sugars.


Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I posted but I figured I’d share with you my frustrations these past weeks. I horse-back ride six days per week and it’s always hard to manage my blood sugars but these past few weeks have been especially tricky. I do a temporary basal rate reducing the amount of insulin I get about three hours prior to riding. Usually I am still hovering the 120 line before I get on, so I have something to eat or drink before hand. This used to work, however recently when I finish my ride, my blood sugar shoots up to 260! And then from there it takes me a few hours to come down which is super frustrating because I can’t eat everything I would like to at dinner. For example I would’ve loved to eat pasta for dinner tonight at the restaurant we were at, but I ordered chicken instead so that the pasta wouldn’t make me go even higher than I already was. It’s going to take a lot of trial and error but we will eventually find the right combination of insulin and carbs (hopefully)! I think I’m going to try eating something different before I get on each horse too because for the days that I ride 4 or 5 horses, a juice box is not enough to hold me over.

Rough Day

Having a rough time today. I have been up and down and my CGM graph looks like a rollercoaster. I haven’t seen a number like 475 in years! I’m super hungry too but can’t eat anything with carbs…thus my plate with all of the cheese and meat. Hoping to come down soon and hopefully start feeling better because the reality is, when you are this high for this long, you feel like crap. I also need to keep an eye on my keytones because I could potentially end up in the hospital if I don’t come down soon.

Scar Tissue

Hi all! I have had an interesting experience regarding pump site infusions recently and wanted to share with everyone. So I wear two different sites, my continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and my insulin pump which is where the insulin is physically entering my body. I never have a problem regarding scar tissue with my CGM because there is no liquid entering my body that could potentially cause a buildup. However, I have been having trouble with my pump infusion site. Generally, I put my CGM and pump on my legs during the winter and then on my stomach or arms during the summer. So, now that it’s winter, I decided to put my pump site on my leg. Two days into having it on my leg, I starting noticing severe pain every time insulin was delivered for meals and what not. I didn’t feel like doing a new one so I just decided to fight through the pain and figure it out once it was time to change my site again. So another two days later, it was time to change it. I took it out of my leg, and it immediately starting bleeding. I thought it was weird, but then I decided it must have just hit a vein or something. Once it stopped bleeding, the spot was sore to the touch, and when I did touch it, I could feel a lump under my skin. I showed it to my parents and they said to rub it in order to break up the scar tissue but I couldn’t; it was too painful! I shook it off and assumed that it was just a one time thing since I had hit some sort of vein anyway. However, I did the next site in my leg too and the same thing happened! So now I am back to doing my stomach. Eventually I am going to have to figure out this whole leg situation. If you have type 1 and are on a pump, has this ever happened to you?